Review – 7 Bad Buy Fiverr Traffic Gigs You’ll Want To Avoid

Fiverr is a great place if you’re looking for a cheap way to outsource some of your work.You can buy pretty much everything there when it comes to websites and content.

For as little as $5 you can purchase a gig from one of the many sellers on Fiverr and have something done for you.

Fiverr Traffic Gigs

One of the things you can buy there is traffic. Fiverr traffic gigs can be any kind of traffic. Traffic from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Tumblr, blogs, solo ads etcetera.

But what kind of traffic quality will $5 get you?


Review of 9 Fiverr traffic gigs

I purchased several Fiverr traffic gigs and had them send over the traffic to my optin page on and analyzed the results.

The results were totally NOT what I expected.

Below are some of the Fiverr traffic gigs that I ordered and tested. I’ll also state the total number of clicks and the signups (conversions). For privacy reasons I can’t give you the names of the sellers on Fiverr.


Gig 1 – Drive unlimited real visitors to your website

Traffic 974, conversions 0Fiverr Traffic gigs - Google Analytics of gig 1

So what do you think of these traffic stats?

A few things stand out. First of all the traffic seems to be coming mostly from Facebook. As you can see there is a fairly constant stream of traffic coming in around the clock.

If you ever tried to get Facebook traffic yourself with Facebook ads you’ll probably have noticed that the visitor numbers go up on certain times and down on other times, depending on your geo-targeting and niche targeting.

With group posts you’ll see a peak right after posting and then you’ll see it fade away to 0 really quickly.

In other words, the traffic shown in the above picture does NOT seem natural.

I’ll explain later on in this post where I think this traffic is coming from.


Gig 2 – Deliver unlimited adsense safe visitors your site.

Traffic 3237, conversions 0
Fiverr Traffic gigs - Google Analytics of gig 2
No, you’re not having a déjà vu. This is very similar to the analytics picture of gig 1. Different seller but probably using the same method.

Note that both sellers advertise ‘visitors’ and not ‘traffic’. Visitors are, at least in my opinion, human beings. Traffic can come from automation as well, for example from search spiders.


Gig 3 – Blast your solo ads to highly responsive list of 44,749 active subscribers

Traffic 3, conversions 0

I guess this highly responsive list is not so highly responsive. This seller provided me with screenshots as proof of sending my ad. They were screenshots of a bulk email application called ‘Super Blast Auto Mailer’ and ‘Big List Auto Blast’.
It’s pretty obvious that they don’t really work.


Gig 4 – Promote your website on my popular Tumblr page

Traffic 33, conversions 1

The seller did indeed create a post on his Tumblr page. It doesn’t generate a lot of traffic but on the positive side, it does work favorably for the search engine ranking of this website.


Gig 5 – Deliver true Google search traffic for 2 months

Traffic 410 (so far, about 50/day), conversions 0
Fiverr Traffic gigs - Google Analytics of gig 5

So what is wrong with this picture you ask?

If you look at the traffic pattern you see a regularity. Traffic comes in between 1 PM and 1 AM, only. The similarities in the spikes of each day give away that this is probably not organic traffic but automation at work.


Gig 6 – Drive targeted traffic to your site

Traffic 1345 (so far), conversions 28
Fiverr Traffic gigs - Google Analytics of gig 6

As you can see the traffic looks less regular compared to the analytics from the gigs above and I’m actually getting some conversions as well. The non-traffic hours have to do with the fact that the seller is rotating several URLs on some sort of traffic syphoning system.

So far this Fiverr traffic gig seems to be standing out positively.



Gig 7 – Drive 2499 real Twitter traffic with bonus promotion on top social media sites

Traffic 577, conversions 0

I received traffic on day 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7. Very irregular and not by far the 2499 the seller promises.

On day 4 I contacted the seller and asked him why I wasn’t getting any traffic anymore. The seller replied a day later that his computer had been offline. I then asked him why that would matter because traffic comes from certain internet activities right? The seller didn’t reply back so I didn’t get an answer but it is obvious that this just doesn’t add up.

I have a pretty good idea what is going on here though. Keep reading and I’ll explain how this works.


Gig 8 – Promote your anything among 22,000,000 Facebook group members

Traffic 270, conversions 0

The seller of this gig did in fact post to several Facebook groups that had thousands of members. I did get a link full report. This particular ad gave me

154 clicks the first day,
100 clicks the next day,
13 clicks the day after and
3 the day after that.

I had no conversions from this campaign but that is probably because my landing page was not converting very well. I do believe these were real (human) visitors though.

The problem with posting to huge Facebook groups is that there are many active members that post around the clock. Unfortunately that also means that new posts drop so fast to the bottom of the page and then off the page that hardly anybody sees them.

Another aspect is that the readers in these huge advertising groups are usually not looking to join other programs. They are there to promote their own business, they are not specifically looking for information. When people are looking for an opportunity to pitch their own product they are usually not open for suggestions from other people.

If you want to make this work then repetition is the key. Post the same ad with a small change several times a day. Do this every other day or so.

A Facebook ad, which is targeted, usually gives higher quality traffic. You can buy clicks on Facebook ads in my niche for as little as $0,01 (typically around $0,05). So for $5 you can get at least 100 targeted visitors. I had a conversion of around 0.7% on my Facebook ads. I’m sure I can improve on that but that is another blog post.

I tried several other Facebook based Fiverr traffic gigs and they all share the same characteristics. It is fairly easy to look up some relevant groups on Facebook if you want to give it a try yourself. It won’t cost you a dime except for some time.


So where is that non-converting traffic from gigs 1, 2 and 5 coming from? And how can they offer so much traffic for just $5?

I think I stumbled upon the answer when I ordered the gig below.


Gig 9 – Guarantee you over 5000 daily targeted traffic everyday forever, adsense safe

(not tested so no traffic)

Yes, I did order this gig and I got what I paid for. Well sort of…

What I received was a piece of software called ‘KOTD’. It had a Chinese interface and it came with a translation document.


What is the KOTD software?

KOTD is an abbreviation of Kiss Of The Dragon. It is a geo-targeted enabled version of the Jingling bot software.

This is software that automatically opens the URL (website address) you specify as many times as you like and each time it opens the URL it will fake the referrer page and the IP address with a unique value. You can even configure the referred address (domain where the ‘visitor’ is coming from).

Okay, that’s all a bit technical but it simply means that this traffic is not coming from human visitors. This is all automated traffic and for that reason it is not converting.

It does use bandwidth though and your analytics will show visitors, except they aren’t real visitors.

I suspect that many of the Fiverr traffic gigs are based on this type of software. It is an easy $5 the seller makes and most people won’t notice the difference except for the fact that they don’t have conversions.



Don’t expect too much from Fiverr traffic gigs. For $5 you just shouldn’t. If you do order Fiverr traffic gigs I recommend you stick to the gigs that give you real backlinks. They can potentially help you rank your website higher in the search engines which will give you organic traffic.

Automated, non-human, traffic will do you no good if you’re looking for  list members or buyers.Bots don’t subscribe and they don’t buy.

This kind of traffic does consume bandwidth. If you consume too much traffic then your ISP might charge you extra for it. This kind of traffic could also have a negative influence on your page load time.

As you probably know, longer page loading times have a negative influence on real visitors. The longer they have to wait for your page to load the more likely they will leave your website (bounce).

If you’re going to order Fiverr traffic gigs make sure you keep track of the clicks and conversions for each gig.


* Update 6 May 2014

Another interesting aspect that I noticed in Google Analytics is that the bot traffic ended on my landing page. This is obviously a no-brainer. Bots do not interact with the rest of my website. This resulted in a very high bouncing rate though. For one of my landing pages my bounce rate was 98%.

The bounce rate is an indicator Google uses to determine how interesting a page is for the visitors. A higher bounce rate means the page is less interesting. In other words, a high bounce rate will drop your page in the search results (SERP)

Not good at all.

The funny thing is that now the Fiverr traffic is gone and I’m getting less traffic, the bounce rate is dropping as well. It is around 50% at the moment. As a result my website is now considered by Google to be of higher quality and it slowly climbing the ranks.

Lesson learned: it is far more important to get quality traffic (real visitors) than it is to get quantity traffic. Traffic bots were hurting the ranking of my website.  This is another good reason to be very careful when purchasing cheap traffic from Fiverr gigs.

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  1. Remco incisive example with really informative pictures.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Buying cheap backlinks can make you suffer Google penalty because some of these sites linking to you might not be in your niche.

    Got to your site from quicksprout

    1. Thanks Peter. Eventually a website will recover as the bad traffic stats ‘wear off’ but that might take a while. It is better to prevent the situation altogether.

  2. Hello,

    Informative post. I would like to know the name of the person who did Gig 6 – Drive targeted traffic to your site Traffic 1345 (so far), conversions 28. Thanks Cheryl

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    Gig 6 – Drive targeted traffic to your site Traffic 1345 (so far), conversions 28

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    1. Hi Naima,

      Thanks for your comment.
      I just sent you an email with the information you requested.

      Stay tuned for a new Fiverr traffic post within the next 2 weeks or so.

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    I would like to know who was the user for Gig 6 – Drive targeted traffic to your site Traffic 1345 (so far), conversions 28?

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  9. Hi Remco,

    Very interesting post… love the information you just shared. I myself bought gigs and failed to see results. Now I understand how this works… its time to give it a try and get my dollars back LOL!!

    Seriously, Gig 6 looks promising. Can I get his or her gig name? I want to try his/her gig.


  10. Great article. I’ve ordered some gigs on fiverr and noticed the same thing you did – often the traffic pattern is way too predictable. I’ve ordered a few backlink gigs that appeared to do what they advertised, but I’m not sure how much of an impact it’s had.

    You’ve had more success than I had (gig 6). If possible, could you email me the info. It’s definitely appreciated, as well as all the valuable information you’ve provided in the article. Wish I would have seen this about 8-10 gigs ago, but better late than never. Thanks Again. Jeff

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    Would you mind to email me that Gig that brings you 28 conversions (Gig 6 – Drive targeted traffic to your site)?

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    1. Hi John,

      I just sent you the info.

      The best bang for your buck for online advertising? Depends on your product and your audience.
      Generally speaking, I get reasonable results from Facebook and Bing, BUT, you have to use retargeting to make it really work.

      Hope that helps.

  23. Hello,

    Informative post. I would like to know the name of the person who did Gig 6 – Drive targeted traffic to your site Traffic 1345 (so far), conversions 28.


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    1. Hi Steven,

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      To subscribe to my mailing list please fill out the subscription box on the frontpage (on your right).

      Cheers, Remco

  25. Thanks for this article. I bought many gigs for traffic and backlinks, but none gave me as promised, and the majority of them as you said, use bots. Can you please provides some free traffic sources?

    1. Hi Ellie,

      I sent the info to your email address.
      There are plenty of good and free traffic sources. Forum posting is free and, provided you post on niche specific forums, will give you targeted traffic.

      Good luck!

  26. Thank You Remco and I got it and I just now placed the order with that gig and hope we can get some good traffic with some conversions. Crossing my fingers.. 🙂

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  29. Hi Remco

    I have had a couple of mailings from you; but I’m afraid I didn’t receive anything re: the identity of the Fiverr seller.


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    I placed the order from Gig#6. His traffic is 100% fake and he is just sending from his windows computer. Sorry but I noticed so far all the fiverr gigs are sending computer bots fake traffic.

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  32. I am both a Fiverr seller and buyer myself, and I found your post very informative. Personally I don’t think the Gig number 6 you mention will be legit from my experience. Actually all “Getting Traffic” gigs on Fiverr will probably be scams. Are the conversions (signups) legit from your point of views? Are the names and email addresses like fake or somehow generated? I’d like to know more about the gig provider, so I’d appreciate if you could send me the Fiverr profile link to my email. Thanks!

  33. I’ve just tried one gig on fiverr which promises up to 600 daily visitors, the traffic is complete garbage. I’ve been quite wary about that kind of traffic because targeted traffic isn’t that easy to get. Since it’s only 5 bucks, I gave it a try. I was on Google analytic on the Real-time feature which allows you to get a glimpse of people who’re currently browsing your site; unfortunately, it turns out that people only stay on the homepage not going through other pages. The bounce rate stands at 99.65%. The importance of traffic doesn’t hinge solely on quantity but quality.

  34. This is a very informative posts on fiverr traffic gigs. are there any adsense safe traffic that you used with fiverr? I will also like to know the seller that delivered gig
    Thank you

    1. Hi Charles,

      I just sent you the info to your email address.

      I think pretty much all Fiverr traffic is indeed ‘adsense safe’. That simply means your account doesn’t get penalized for sending this traffic to adsense offers.

      However, make sure you test the traffic to ensure it aren’t just robots because this traffic can hurt you in another way. You’re not going to make any sales/conversions anyway if you’re sending robots.

  35. Hello Sir,

    Very informative article. I would like the information for the #6 gig as well. Also could you tell me about your experience with them? Have you continued using them? Have the results been consistent with your first experience? Would you still recommend them? Any info you could give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


  36. Hello Remco I would also love to receive the info about
    1. “Gig 6 – Drive targeted traffic to your site Traffic 1345 (so far), conversions 28″.
    2. “Gig 8 – Promote your anything among 22,000,000 Facebook group members”
    If possible please send me the fiverr landing page url too.

    1. Hi Ashish,

      I just sent the info to your email.

      As for the Facebook group members gig, that particular gig is gone. However, there are plenty of other Facebook promotion gigs on Fiverr.

      Just type in ‘Facebook promotion’ in the search bar at Fiverr and you’ll see plenty of that type of gigs.

      Be aware though that these people usually run a advertising script that will spam each and every ad group that allows it. Some groups have so many ads come in that your ad is scrolled down five pages within 5 minutes. Don’t expect to much of it.

      If you’re going to do it make sure your ad stands out so make sure the seller allows pictures in your ad. A big red square with big bold white and black letters will do the trick.

      Good luck!

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  42. I posted my comment sometimes ago. It obviously wasn’t registered by the system. As s Fiverr buyer and seller, I have come across the very bad and the awesomely exceptional. Sometimes, reviews alone do not cut it; it’s more of discovering the gold among iron and sticking with him/her.

    That said, I actually will like the info on the sixth Fiverr seller; the one with the conversions.

    Thank you.

  43. I ordered a gig some time ago, and I got no traffic let alone conversion. Waste of time and money.
    I am really having a hard trying to know which fiver traffic gig converts. Kindly refer me to a good one you have used. Send to my email like you sent to others. Thanks.

    1. There are few (maybe even none) good traffic gigs on Fiverr. The social media gigs can be verified (you usually get a list with links of the ads they placed) so they might be your best bet. However, your ad has to fit in and the audience has to be right so be sure you pick the ‘right’ social media you advertise to.

      Never sent people straight to your offer, always give some value first. Consider using a bridge page and try to get the visitor to sign up for your list first.

      The info you requested is in your email.

      Good luck!

  44. Just came across this post, thanks for sharing Remco great info.

    Can you send me the details of the person in Gig 6?


  45. I’ve bought several traffic gigs on Fiver and they didn’t create any conversions as well. Could you please send me the name and link of the 6th Fiver seller?
    Thank you very much for your informative post.

    1. Hi Anh,

      I just added a nifty little share tool to my post that will give you the information in return for a like or a tweet.

      I invite you to check it out and hope you’ll give me a like or tweet 🙂

      Cheers, Remco

  46. Great post! I had been wondering how the bounce rate has increased up to 80%, thanks to tons of the traffic I purchased there. I usually spent US 50-100 for each gig/keywords, and it seems i just bought more bot to our site.

    It seems that the keywords targeted traffic only offer the bot as well?

    BTW, checked out gig 6 you listed. The negative comments of that gig is similar to those other ones I researched.. I do wish there are alternative solutions that are also affordable for small business owners/startups though..

    1. Hi Tan,

      Yes, that kind of cheap done-for-you traffic is pretty much always worthless bot traffic. After my traffic purchases on Fiverr I never purchased that kind of traffic there again.

      You’d be better of buying penny clicks from 7Search or a similar service, although I must say that has never done me any good as well.

      The best kind of ‘cheap’ traffic is the traffic you get from targeted video ads. You might want to look into that.

  47. I would like to know if you have had any other successes traffic wise on Fiverr? Can’t say that I have.
    And like anyone else info on # 6 would be welcome. And any tips you may have

    1. Hi Bill,

      No, didn’t have any success with the ‘done-for-you’ traffic gigs. Your best chances are buying social media traffic. At least they give you lists of links so you can verify the ads have been placed.

  48. After reading the entire article . . I have to say it is quite informative , and of course . . I also need that Number 6 traffic source/seller from fiverr . . becuz sharing it on my twitter did NOT actually unlock it 🙂

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