Is Your Mind Set To Say Yes To The Yes Set?

Yes SetNow there’s a title that makes you think, doesn’t it?

A great sales person knows how to sell to people whether face-to-face or on the phone. But how do you sell on paper or on a website?

Ultimately, running a business online means you want to sell something, right?

This is why you should learn ‘how’ to write persuasively. The better your sales copy, the more conversions.

Here’s a great technique that will persuade your audience to buy.

Let me ask you a question first. Answer it for yourself, and you don’t have to pull out your wallet.

Let’s say that you sell a digital video course worth $47 and you normally sell 100 copies per year. Would you be willing to pay $100 for a sales copy if you knew for sure it would boost your conversions by 10%?

Duh! The answer is “Yes, of course.”  You’d be selling 10 more copies at $47. You’d be a thief of your own wallet if you didn’t.

Fortunately, there is a very effective method that we can use to create more persuasive sales copy.

It is guaranteed that this technique will get you more conversions. I don’t want your money, but I do want you to make a tweet, a Facebook post,  or a Google+ post about this article. Fair enough?

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Landing Page Optimization – Getting a Landing Page (post #1)

Landing Page Optimization - Getting OneIf you are building a mailing list, you are also probably using landing pages. If not, then you should.

Landing pages are extremely useful tools if constructed properly. A landing page is where your visitor ‘lands in’ after he has clicked a link in an ad for example.

Landing page optimization is the key to getting the most out of your landing pages.

In this email I’m going to share the results of the first split test with three completely different landing pages. I used these landing pages as ‘squeeze’ pages. I want to get the email address of the visitors.

In exchange I offer the visitors free tips and my eBook “Smarter Affiliate Success Secrets”.

I then send over 25,000 visitors through an ad to these landing pages to see which performed best.

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10 Powerful Tips to Increase Readability

10-power-tips-to-increase-readabilityLet’s face it. If your emails or blog posts are not ‘readable’ enough people are not going to read it. You’re basically wasting time writing them. If that is you then you are missing out on subscribers and customers.

The impact of readability is highly underestimated. You get an instant advantage if your blog is more readable then those of your competitors.

Getting visitors is one thing, getting them to do something (like reading) is another. Getting visitors alone is not going to get your website rank higher.

You need your visitors to do three things in order to get a good website ranking and making your blog or emails more readable is going to help a lot.


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What is the Best Email Subject Line Length?

Which are better; shorter subject lines or longer subject lines?

The email subject line length is a highly debatable topic for two simple reasons.

  1. First of all define short and long in this context. There is no absolute correct answer.
  2. Secondly, there is some tension between ‘short and to the point’ versus ‘giving as much information as possible’.
Email Subject Line Length

As an email marketer the subject line of your email is the opportunity to get a reader to open up your message. Fail to convince your reader to open it and your message was send in vain.

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