2 Awesome Tips For Better Email Open Rates

Did you know that aside from the subject line, you can cram more information in the viewing pane of your readers, even before they open your emai?

Here are two highly underused methods to put your information in the viewing pane of your readers.

Tips for better email open rates


Method 1 – use the senders field

Every mail program out there, regardless of the device that you are viewing it on, will show the sender of your emails.

In fact, the sender’s name is shown even before (left of) the subject line.

Most internet users will read everything from left to right and without sometimes even realizing it, they are paying attention to the sender’s name because that text is positioned in an important place.


Get better email open rates by applying simple psychology

Reading an email before opening it is much like reading the beginning of a sentence. We’re wired to look at the beginning so that we can understand the following words – the subject – of that sentence.

Therefore it is not surprising that the senders name space is valuable real estate that you can use to your advantage. If you want better email open rates then you should use every little piece of real estate you have.


Trust is the foundation of doing business so build it!

One of the pillars of having a responsive email list is trust. No trust means no business.

You can anchor that trust by putting your full name in the sender’s field. For example; if you look at the emails I send out you’ll notice that my full name is in there, including my website name (brand) between brackets.

It looks like this in your inbox:

Remco Boom (Smarter Affiliate Money)

If you receive my emails then there is no mistake about it, you’ll know 100% sure these email came from me and it will influence your decision to open them.

Very simple but effective.

In contrast, imagine that it just said ‘Remco’ or ‘SAM’, it just wouldn’t have the same appeal would it? There’s even an odd chance that it would be discarded as being spammy.


Method 2 – the second line of information

If you’re on my mailing list (you should be – if not go subsribe right now, it’s free!) you’ll know that long subject lines are not a good idea.

Luckily for us there’s a second piece of real estate that we can utilize.

Not all email programs will show this but most mobile devices, as well as Gmail and some other webmail based solutions will show the first line of your email. Either right next to the subject or right below it.

This is pure gold because from a psychological point of view it is just the next sentence and it doesn’t count for a long subject line. It allows you to tell a bit more about your email without having to write a long subject line.

If you look at my emails you will see that I use this as well. Instead of wasting that valuable space with the same old “Hi <name>, ” I try to add some useful info in there.
THEN I do my greeting and get to the nuts and bolts of the email.

So for example, here’s how one of my list emails look in Gmail.

Inbox Gmail Example

Whether readers actually read the extra text or just glance over it, it does reïnforce the subject line with some powerful words that trigger curiousity.

If you read my free ebook Smarter Affiliate Success Secrets, – which you’ll get if you sign up for free – you’ll know the importance of triggering emotions and how they influence your readers to act. In this case I just want the reader to open  up my email.

Enough said, I hope this tip will help you to get your emails opened by your readers.

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